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Monday, August 14, 2017

God is Creator

"God is creator; he knows how you operate. God is omniscient; he knows exactly what today and tomorrow hold. God is omnipotent; he can control every microbe of the universe. And on top of all those things, God is good. "He will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19) All you need is the evidence of the Cross to know that God will meet your needs, for his glory and your good.". - Paul Tripp

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Was Charles Spurgeon a Calvinist?

An Introverted Christian - Tim Challies


The difference between fatalism and what is called compatibilism. Compatibilism is the view that God is absolutely sovereign (as explained above) and yet our choices have real meaning and we are responsible for them. It is what I believe the Bible teaches, and is often called "Calvinism." Fatalism, on the other hand, teaches that no matter what you choose or do, things will turn out the same. For example, if it is determined that Bill will get an "F" on his test tomorrow, then no mater how hard he studies or how well he knows the material, he will fail. His choices do not really affect what will happen.[1]

Compatibilism, in contrast to fatalism, says that our choices really do affect the future, and that if different choices had been made, the future would have been different. On this view, if Bill doesn't study, he will fail. But if he does study hard, then his studying will be the means that brings about a good grade. In regards to God's sovereignty, this means that God does not just ordain the ends (for example, a good grade for Bill) and then say "this will happen no matter what." No, God also ordains the means to His planned end (for example, God ordains that Bill will study as the means to the good grade that He decreed). Our decisions are each links in the chain of means ordained by God to bring about His planned ends. If different decisions had been made, the consequences would have been different. But God works to ensure that the means He has ordained will most certainly occur so that none of His purposes can fail. This makes human decisions truly significant and vital.

If God is Sovereign, Why do Anything?

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